January's SPECIAL

Classic Mission Aquarium
Ask us about putting your corporate logo on the aquarium background

  • 90 Gallon (48inx18inx24in) aquarium
  • Cherry Stand and Canopy
  • Filtration
  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Aquarium Background
  • Gravel, decorative rocks and plants
  • Fish Ready!!!

Was $1989.99
Now $1499.99


  • FREE Delivery
  • FREE Set-up
  • 1 month FREE Maintenance Service

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Cardiff Bullet
The classic elegance of Mission branded furniture is timeless. The Classic Mission stand and canopy from All-Glass Aquarium Co. are no exception - blending enduring beauty with functionality. The sophisticated design, complemented with a rich natural cherry colour will make the Classic Mission stand and canopy the focal point of any home or office.

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